Whatever type of business you operate, we can help with a wide range of commercial matters including:

  • Software, technology and data licensing
  • Purchasing, supply and support
  • Advertising and marketing (including digital marketing, e-marketing, promotions and sponsorship)
  • Agency, distribution, franchising and reseller
  • E-commerce (including terms of use, website design, development and hosting)
  • Consumer contracts and rights
  • IPR assignments and NDAs
  • Air charter and freight terms

We also provide practical advice, guidance and support to ensure that the interests of the client are protected, supported and are in compliance with applicable laws.

Our hourly rates range from £225 to £295 per hour (plus VAT).  We charge for certain disbursements (such as train fares and photocopying).  Where possible, we may offer fixed fees.

If you would like more information, please get in contact by calling 07758 885578. Please ensure that you read our privacy policy before providing your information so you know what we will do with your personal data.