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Data Protection/Privacy/UK GDPR

Here are some articles that we have written to help businesses understand their obligations under the UK GDPR:

Preparing for Brexit from a data protection perspective

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What rights do individuals have under the UK GDPR?

Personal data breaches and notification requirements

Appointing a DPO

DPIAs and privacy by design and default

Direct marketing

Data portability

Anonymous or pseudonymous data

Automated decision making and profiling

Commercial, outsourcing and public procurement

Here are some articles that we have written to guide businesses on their commercial, outsourcing and public procurement practices:

Top 10 issues to watch out for in B2B contracts

Operating online in a pandemic and beyond

Legal considerations when establishing an online business

Legal considerations when trading with consumers

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Agent or distributor – which one is right for you?

Thinking of franchising your business?

What are Intellectual Property Rights?

Managing liability in commercial contracts